Our Products

Main Products

Pleroma's core business is to take care of our clients' insurance needs by ensuring comprehensive cover with a chosen Insurer.

Pleroma provides personal and commercial short-term insurance products and services customized and tailor-made for our clients' specific needs.

Niche Products

Pleroma constantly develops niche insurance products in order to meet the future needs of various target audiences. 

Policy Wording

Pleroma has incorporated wording such as earth shifting/sliding and collapsing in its policy wording to accommodate the unique needs of certain market groups. It also has no restriction on casualties despite age.

Unique Policy Benefits

Pleroma's policies have 24-hour roadside assistance in case of any breakdown as well as any household emergency as an added benefit.

Emergency Contact


082 552 7880

24 Hour Roadside Assistance:

0861 753 766