Code of conduct

In this Code of conduct, Pleroma defines the essence of its being the beliefs all Stakeholders in the company should live by:

Our values

We, the owners, directors, strategic partners and staff of Pleroma commit us to:

  • Do business with passion and enthusiasm;
  • Treat those we are privileged to touch with care, respect, and sincerity;
  • Upholding the dignity of all;
  • Act ethically, objectively, and with integrity in a consistent manner;
  • and Conducting business professionally, innovatively, and with honesty.

Our commitment

We, the owners, directors, and other stakeholders in Pleroma live our commitment to the company by:

  • Employ quality, energetic, reliable and trustworthy staff, capable of proactively contributing to the growth and prosperity of the company;
  • Maintain a transparent, flexible and open management style;
  • Ensuring growth and prosperity through the increase of business volumes, turnover and profit;
  • and Securing optimum return on investment.

We achieve this by:

  • Developing their potential and capacity, transferring skills and knowledge and empowering and enabling them;
  • Encouraging teamwork, esprit de corps, equality, dedication, participation and unity through diversity;
  • Establishing and maintaining an atmosphere and working environment conducive to development, growth and progress;
  • Providing comprehensive support together with a sound management structure and acknowledging and rewarding achievement and Maintaining a market- and performance- related remuneration structure.

We, the owners, directors, strategic partners and staff of Pleroma live our commitment to our clients by:

  • Providing effective, energetic, prompt, professional and pro-active service excellence to all irrespective of color, race, creed or cultural grouping, regardless of the extent of their portfolios;
  • Providing custom-designed, quality, creative, competitive and affordable products that will contribute to all round satisfaction;
  • Ensuring that our network of national consultants, advisers, service- and product-providers are accessible to all; and
  • Evaluating, analyzing and monitoring all actions, activities, products and services on an ongoing basis and implementing enhancements regularly.

Emergency Contact


082 552 7880

24 Hour Roadside Assistance:

0861 753 766