Our Prayer

Heavenly Father, I come before You in the Name of Jesus on behalf of Pleroma, our company.

I pray for a shield of divine protection over this company, our clients, our family, friends and ourselves. I pray for insight into the uncovering of all negative activity including false claims or unrevealed risks.
I rebuke the spirit of terror and crime, hi-jacking, theft, burglary, sickness and fear. It has no place here.

Father, You said the heart of the king is in Your hand and you turn it whichever way You choose. So I ask You to direct the heart and mind of us all... (Pleroma, brokers, underwriters, service providers and clients).
I pray for the wisdom of God, that we make the right decisions. I also pray for divine strength and health for all of us. I set myself in agreement with all our staff and those involved in our company that we receive these things in Jesus' Name.

I give thanks that Pleroma is upon Jesus' shoulder, and I hold up in prayer all that are involved, directors, management, staff members and clients. I pray that the Spirit of the Lord rests upon us and a hedge of protection surrounds us all.

I believe peace, responsibility, skillful and godly wisdom have entered into our hearts, and that honesty and knowledge is pleasant to us. Discretion watches over us. Understanding keeps us and delivers us from the way of evil and from evil men.


Emergency Contact


082 552 7880

24 Hour Roadside Assistance:

0861 753 766